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Manny Lorenzo

Manny Lorenzo Digital Art and Art Photography Gallery

Miami, FL


I have been creating digital art for the past seventeen years, with the last seven being more seriously focused on the theme of complexity and self-organizing systems as advanced by Stuart Kauffman, author of At Home in the Universe. In conceptualizing many of the shapes that I represent artistically, I often have found that Kauffman is accurate when he states that “small changes in the construction of the system may alter dramatically the behavior of the system.” Usually, small changes to my near-chaotic structures do lead to instability and disintegration. However, every so often I arrive at a stable dynamic, which I then render with shadows, colors, lighting, and three-dimensional depth.

What I strive to do with my art is to celebrate the universe’s paradoxical tendency to generate spontaneous order by creating artistic structures that I call Artifacts. I am especially fascinated by spirals, shells, tessellations, patterns, and self-similarity in creating objects that look like or allude to complex organic/natural structures. My aim is not necessarily to depict real things artistically; instead, I strive to represent possible forms fantastically. Therefore, all of my artwork has surreal, dreamlike colors and textures.

Look at my artwork and there you will find tributes to some of my favorite authors, films, television, and music.

All of my images are copyrighted. All Rights Reserved. Do not use any of my work, in any form, without my prior written permission.


Complex Objects and Fractal Artifacts

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Fantastic Scapes

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Boxes and Cubes

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Weaves Tiles and Patterns

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